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Hello!   We have a highly select team of photographers, all hand-picked and trained by us.  All of the girls are experienced horse women. Paul has learnt about ponies vicariously because of my involvement with the Connemaras.  Jason is the only non-horsy person but is a very experienced photographer and wanted to join us to learn the intricacies of photographing horses.

I have a long history, nearly 50 years, of experience with horses.  My true love is dressage but I was brought up showing Connemaras in ridden and in-hand at County level.  My Stud, Lanburn Connemaras is now owned and run by Paul and myself, since Dad, Bob Blackburn OBE, died in 2014.

We always strive to achieve consistency and high quality in our photos and always looking for that extra special shot, we do our best to respect each discipline, competitors and horses. Here is a little bit about each person, below.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.       Pam

Paul Clingan, is my husband and helps me run both FTC and Lanburn Connemaras.  During the week he works full-time as a Management Accountant.

Jason Hyde, is a software engineer and is our newest trainee.  He has a wealth of experience as a photographer and is just beginning to grasp the ropes.

Jessica Mann, is an Associate and has been with us 5 years now.  She works for a diabetic charity in London and is a fellow cat lover.

Helena Smith, works as an Equestrian Veterinary Nurse at Arundel Vets.  This will be Hilly’s 3rd season with us in 2016.

RIP Bob Blackburn OBE 1926-2014

Me with Canal Village Poacher, Glencarrig Eleanor and Glencarrig Dolly - all Champions